We are a mobile service in the Simcoe County area that helps prevent rodents and insects from entering your RV, Motorhome or Mobilehome. Prevention is always better than the burden of extermination!

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Dealing with a rodent infestation is very frustraiting, hazardous and costly! Getting rid of them after they've invaded is an uphill battle. Our strategy is prevention and we have a few things in our arsenal to help.


We use and apply two excellent products to your moterhome or RV called MOUSE FREE and FreshCab. Both of these products have proven to be very effective at preventing unwanted rodants and other pests from entering your RV or Moterhome.

Mouse Free's unique formula stops the entry of mice into your RV. We keep mice and other pests from entering through the small holes and cavities on the under side of your motorhome or trailer.

HOW IT WORKS: MOUSE FREE is a lubricating non drip coating scented with 100% natural essential oils is applied to the entire undercarriage of your RV. This provides two very unique ways to repel mice:

  1. Mice have a very acute sense of smell. The scent of natural essential oils are overwhelming to mice, and drive them away.
  2. The non drip oily coating is much too slippery to travel across. The coating is impassable by any mouse, squirrel, or insect even ants! If it doesn't have wings, we keep them out!
At least one time each year re-seal the undercarriage to guard against pests and rodents

Fresh Cab® Scent pouches are an all-natural air freshener for use in uninhabited areas like garages, tractors, RV, autos, lake homes, boats and more!

Fresh Cab freshens and protects your property from odors caused by mice, staleness, mothballs and more.

  • All Natural Ingredients, USA Made
  • Long-lasting scent: scent lasts up to 3 months in enclosed areas
  • Effective : we offer a 100% Money back guarantee
  • Visit www.earth-kind.com for satisfied customer testimonials


Prevent Damage

For years, mice and other insects have been intruding on our motorhomes by chewing through wires, pipes, rubber hoses, and more. Along with a potential for thousands of dollars in damage costs, this is also a very serious fire hazard! Let us help you prevent a large repair bill.

Prevent Deadly Sickness

Mice and other rodents carry fleas, ticks and most importantly diseases like the deadly Hantavirus that can be fatal to humans. You must take action to prevent these hazards to protect the health of your friends & family. Our low cost formula vastly outweighs the cost of someone you care about getting sick. It can be done in just a few hours and best of all we come to you!

Prevent Cleaning and Inspection Costs

The time and cost of inspection and cleaning can be much more than a single application of our MOUSEFREE formula. Who wants to worry about cleaning and inspection when spring rolls around?


  1. Give us a call or contact us through our website. We can answer any questions you have.
  2. Book a time and date with us and we'll drive to you and apply the MOUSEFREE products with the option of additional prevention with FreshCab product.
  3. Have the peace of mind of a rodent free RV!